Operations Center

Operations Center

Here you can plan your next mission. Once we're fully loaded you will learn about helicopter air assault, dustoff (medivac), Charlie-Charlie, fire cover; the real difference about flying lead and trail, crank time, drop time, hot/cold LZ and suppression.

Keep checking back for additional features of the Operations Center and until then checkout one of the tail numbers and take a test flight. Don't forget to do you pre-flight check, these babies have been in the hanger for some time.


Aircraft Tail Numbers

Map Room


Cowboy Unit History

This 336 page document details the Cowboy's history and operations from 1965 to 1975. Over a year in the making, Dom Fino has done an excellent job researching and documenting 10 years of Cowboy activities. This Adobe PDF file has a search capability to find specific operations, names and dates. All 336 pages are indexed with a quick reference links to designated time periods.

Download the complete Adobe PDF File (2.12MB)


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