Combat action and true life experiences of Army life in a Vietnam combat helicopter flight platoon.

Fly the skies at tree top level over such places as Phu Heip, Dong Tam and Bear Cat with mini-guns and rockets cutting your path.

Vietnam Veterans of America, January 1997 "...well-written chronological look at his Vietnam War experiences, beginning when he graduated from high school and joined the Army in June 1968. The main focus is on Fino's April 1969-April 1970 Vietnam tour, during which he flew helicopters with the 335th Assault Helicopter Company's 3rd Platoon, known as the Falcons."

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Dominic Fino served one tour of duty in Vietnam before returning to the States, where he was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, a transition he found extremely difficult. As a result, he returned to Vietnam for a second tour. He decided to publish this story after helping coordinate the first Falcon reunion in 1993, the first time the group had been together since leaving Vietnam, in an attempt to help others understand better what vietnam was like for a gunship platoon. Dominic is currently living near his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

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